Wedding bouquets are as much a part of a bride’s outfit as her dress, veil, train, and shoes. Even when she doesn’t wear any jewelry, the color of her bouquet more than puts the blush to the bride’s blooming cheeks. So far, five types of wedding flowers Sydney brides love include roses, orchids, tulips, calla lilies, and chrysanthemums. Each of these varieties has a significant meaning, which relates to the future life of the bride and her groom together.


Undoubtedly, roses are the favorite wedding flowers of all time. Brides love the classic meaning of everlasting love and blazing passion most associated with red roses. On one hand, white roses represent purity and innocence while ivory means fidelity and trust. Pink roses signify happiness throughout the couple’s marriage, but dark pink means that the couple is forever grateful for having found each other.

Among varieties of roses, peonies are the most popular because they have large blossoms and their colors vary from pale yellow to dark red that looks almost black. They’re subtly fragrant and bloom the most during spring. They’re frequently available in selected nurseries where they get sold when they’re dormant during winter in June.

In contrast, the David Austen roses are the most fragrant of the rose varieties. People with sensitive noses may develop a migraine when they spend too much time in a room filled with their heady scent. Nevertheless, brides absolutely love this and often order these roses for their bridal bouquet.


Despite the lack of scent, orchids are very much a favorite as wedding flowers because of the variety of colors and appearance. These flowers last longer than other types as long as they have been hydrated well the night before. Like roses, they signify love and beauty as well as refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm, and glorious femininity. To the Chinese, these flowers symbolize a wish for “many children.”

Calla Lilies

When a bride wants a classic wedding theme, she must have calla lilies for her bridal bouquet. Representing classical grace and beauty, these flowers are available in every single color, including white, red, mauve-pink, dark purple, yellow, orange, and burgundy. The variety with large heads and long smooth stems are best used to create bouquets and centerpieces while the smaller varieties are ideal for nosegays and boutonnieres.


Though they’re strongly associated with the Netherlands and windmills, tulips have become a popular choice for wedding flowers Sydney brides want for bouquets or posies. These blooms signify everlasting love and consuming passion, which makes them the perfect accessory to every blushing bride. They’re mostly available during spring in a myriad of colors from white, yellow, pink, peach, magenta, purple, red, cream, and white. Varieties like Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips are often used in weddings.


Also known as “golden flowers,” chrysanthemums are very much favored not for their fragrance (because they don’t have one), but for their significance, which are wealth, abundance and truth. These blossoms are included in a bouquet as secondary blooms to make the main flower more prominent and striking in appearance. Mostly available in autumn, mums come in different varieties that differ in color and size.

There are other popular wedding flowers Sydney brides love to include in their hand-held nosegays or as part of the centerpiece at the reception. Some flowers, such as the ranunculus, are used as substitutes to the more expensive roses. For decors during the ceremony and at the wedding party venue, huge blooms like the hydrangeas, for instance, are chosen by florist to create lovely centerpieces for the tables assigned to the couple’s entourage and guests. Select other options in wedding flowers at where they’re available as bouquets, centerpiieces, and venue decors.