photo credit: Extra Medium via photopin cc

photo credit: Extra Medium via photopin cc

For ages, marriage has been considered in most cultures an ultimate status symbol of sorts. To be unmarried not only makes you look pathetic but a lonely, pathetic person who is unable to find someone to spend the rest of their life with because there’s something wrong with them or at least, that’s how some women view being single these days.

Thankfully, times have changed for the better and being unmarried is no longer the social stigma it used to be. These days, being single means being independent and not easily succumbing to the pressures of society and rushing into a committed relationship without really thinking about it. Not having a ring on your finger doesn’t mean you’re pathetic, it means you’re being wise about getting into something that you may regret later.

However, for those few who are still firm believers in it, being married is not complete without wedding rings. If all the trouble couples go through to get the best ones is any indication, you could say that it does have a lot of meaning. That it most certainly makes a marriage more meaningful. But what exactly do wedding rings have that make a marriage more meaningful and how do you find the best ones?

Wedding rings ( according to a book written by Father John Thomas entitled “Beginning Your Marriage” states that a bride and groom give each other symbols in the shape of a ring to symbolize their hopes and dreams that their love never ends. The wedding ring is also seen as a commitment of sorts, a promise to stay with that person for the rest of their lives, through thick and thin come what may. Of course, it’s also a way of letting other women know that a man is taken and therefore, hands off.

However, beyond just being a metal ring that tells other people you’re married, it is also viewed by most couples as a representation of their love and commitment not to the marriage, but to their spouses. But it is actually the other way around – the ring symbolizes the love, commitment and faithfulness of your spouse to you. Marriage is simply the exchange of consent and speaking the vows, but the ring is the symbol of the union that had already taken place, long before you made it official. View this website to find out what type of wedding rings people are browsing for these days.

photo credit: Kris *V* via photopin cc

photo credit: Kris *V* via photopin cc

Simply put, the ring is not there as a symbol of one’s continuing commitment to a particular person, from being their boyfriend/girlfriend to being their husband/wife. It is the symbol of the unspoken promise you made to each other, of being with each other as long as you can and as long as you are willing to for as long as possible. As such, engaged couples try to find the best wedding rings that are both affordable and durable. If you are going to wear a metal band for the rest of your life that has deep meaning, you need to invest in the best one. Find out more about why rings are the ultimate symbols of love and devotion when you go online to find the best ones.

For starters, there are many types of wedding rings to choose from – platinum, palladium, silver and gold. Platinum is the most fashionable nowadays because it is durable and lasts a lifetime. Its close cousin the palladium is equally durable but is less expensive than platinum and therefore, more affordable. Silver was once the most preferred metal band type but its tendency to tarnish has brought its popularity several notches down. If you prefer silver though, make sure you look for one that is labeled as “tarnish-free.” And finally there’s the traditional gold that now comes in several variations – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, with yellow gold being the most preferred because of its ability to match with almost any stone settings.

These days, finding the best wedding rings is easy and choosing the best ones even easier. With wedding sites displaying their whole inventory online, people will be able to browse weddings rings in Melbourne here at their own pace and convenience. The best part is, you can search for the results you want by customizing your search parameters based on what is popular at the moment and your preferred price range, which makes sure you don’t overshoot your budget.

Finding the best wedding bands and expressing your promise to commit is not all about finding the biggest diamond or the most expensive one at that. It’s all about knowing what your partner will love and will be wearing to wear for the rest of your lives, no matter what the cost. Check sites like and find wedding rings in this site that will express your sentiments best without putting a dent on your budget.