engagement ring matches wedding ring

Choose an engagement ring that matches your bride’s wedding ring. The Tiffany setting actually looks nice when paired with an Eternity ring. Photo credit: ilovebutter via photopin cc

You could do worse than Holly Golightly who got a crackerjack ring engraved at Tiffany’s, but engagement rings in this modern age aren’t as cheaply done as Holly’s. Most women expect a huge stone on that ring on their hand after their boyfriends proposed to them. Perhaps, only one percent would think a crackerjack ring is funny and sweet at the same time. But how do you choose the perfect engagement ring for her?

The Cut and Setting of the Precious Stones

Most engagement rings feature a large cut of diamond set above the band with a pronged seat. This is what they call the Tiffany setting, a style first seen on rings that came from famous jewelers Tiffany and Co. The purpose was to display the rock in the best possible light and make sure everyone who sees it would praise the jeweler’s handiwork. But there’s also a rising trend for eternity rings to serve as engagement presents.

The cut and style of eternity rings differ from the traditional setting. An eternity ring may have stones cover the whole circumference of the ring or maybe cover only half of the band. These stones must be cut in the same size and shape. They may be arranged in a channel, a bar, or a paved setting. For example, princess cut engagement rings are easier to place in a paved setting. The channel and paved settings are the most popular ones because they bring more comfort to the wearer and allow the stones to be set more securely. Check princess cut engagement rings here.

Other Styles of the Engagement Ring

Trinity Ring
How those three bands of gold in a Trinity Ring intertwine together. Photo credit: eiko_eiko via photopin cc

An engagement ring may also look like the Trinity Ring, which is more popular in France. This ring has three kinds of hoops – pink gold signifies love, white gold means friendship, and yellow gold is for fidelity. It was first created by Cartier for Jean Cocteau who gave it as a promise ring to his lover, Raymond Radiguet. A promise ring is the male equivalent of the engagement ring.

Another style for engagement rings is the puzzle ring, which became popular in Asia, especially with sultans and their harem wives. This type of ring is most practical as both an engagement and wedding ring. The first half is worn first by the woman and the man provides the other half and completes the ring on their wedding day. Click here for promise rings and puzzle-type engagment rings.

Other types of engagement rings include the Claddagh, which is a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty among the Irish, and the Knotted Rush, which is a simple design of intertwining metal wires. The Claddagh ring uniquely features two hands clasping a heart and with a crown mounted on top. Meanwhile, a Knotted Rush simply consists of a wire made from gold, silver or platinum that’s knotted into an intricate design, such as two interlocking hearts.