Home interior designs have become more creative and unique because people now put value in character and personality rather than just function and design. Putting fun in your living spaces makes it all the more worthwhile to live and stay in it. Finding pleasure in your simple and eclectic furniture pieces can make you feel more at home than you’ve ever felt in years. Here are ways you can put more personality and character into your own living room.

Let Throw Pillows Spice Up Your Couch

One of the easiest ways to design a living room is to have bright and colorful pillows to complement a plain and neutral couch. And instead of buying generic throw pillow cases in home design stores and k-marts, you can put more effort into something that is creative and shows a bit of who you are. Pillow cases can be crafty art as well. You can also design your own if you want. Some fabric paint and plain throw pillow cases will be useful.


Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are sometimes unobtrusive pieces in the overall design or they can also be a focal point to any living room. If you have a generic coffee table, accessorize it with great décor like a glass bowl of pebbles, trinkets, or potted plants. A hand-painted ceramic vase would also look nice on a plain coffee table. If you have the extra budget, try to look for coffee tables for sale online and consider cool designs that will brighten up your space. You can check this website for some great bargains on various types of tables online.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table - FUNCTIONAL

Tail-activated table

Simple Art Pieces

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same goes for visual art. While many paintings and sculptures are expensive these days, you can always choose to have simple art pieces that are beautiful and inspiring to you. You are the one living in the home anyway so what pleases you is more important. You can consider art prints on canvas for cheaper and more personalized. You can also opt for decals that seem to be popular these days as a decorative element in living rooms and other parts of the home. If you have the budget to buy an artwork from an artist you like, go ahead. Art is an investment and it also increases in value over time.

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