Avent is a well-known brand among parents across the world. The company has achieved popularity for their wonderful bottle systems which are ideal for both formula and breastfed babies. One of the most distinct features of their bottles is that they have wide silicone nipples which looks and feels similar to a mother’s nipple. As such, it makes a good choice for parents who are hoping to switch their babies from breast to bottle.

The Avent Advantage

As a parent, it is important for you to know how to find the right bottle for your baby. For example, there are different kinds of nipple flows such as slow, medium, fast, and variable. Selecting the best one for your baby means understanding his or her eating habits.

Another outstanding feature for Avent bottles is that they can be safely washed in the dishwasher. You will notice that they do not quickly crack or discolor as other baby bottles do.

It’s not even a problem if you prefer washing the bottles by hand because the bottles have wider mouth. Thus, they are very easy to clean even without using a special brush. Getting rid of the dirt will require less effort on your end. The wide mouth also makes it easy to fill with formula or breast milk. Its shape also allows the baby to hold it with no difficulty.

A word of warning to consider regarding Avent bottles is not to tighten them too much. As many parents would attest, over-tightening the bottles can cause leaking so be careful with that.


On top of that, the silicone nipples are more durable when compared with latex. This type of nipple doesn’t easily crack and so you can look forward to using it longer.

Lastly, it is worth-noting that all bottles and nipples from Avent are interchangeable, meaning matching different caps and nipples is always possible.


Other Reminders for Parents


The experts over at FPB.Case.edu offered a few practical insights about effective use of baby bottles.


For example, babies should be allowed some time to adjust to a new bottle. The baby may try to reject the first few feedings but never give up immediately when that happens. Changing bottles too frequently can cause frustration to your child.


The Bottom Line


Avent baby bottles are within easy reach of every interested buyer. Aside from visiting physical stores where the products are sold, you can also check out online retailers. By knowing where to buy Avent bottles, you can get these high quality bottles for your baby.