When it comes to more expensive electronics, it’s always highly recommended to choose your options carefully. Looking closer at the specs and finding out what’s best for you and your consumer needs will help you pick the right product. The same goes for projectors. With many types of projectors, specifications, and brands available in the market today, choosing carefully is part of getting good value for money and investing on something you can use for the long-term.

I’ve been snooping around forums and contributing a bit of my opinion on projectors. It is truly surprising to find out that there are many consumers who would buy those $200-$300 projectors with brands that you’ve never heard before. I get that they want to get a bargain out of it but projectors are not meant to be cheap both in price and quality. Good value is derived from projectors with reasonable price and good quality.

If you want to get a good projector that can last you a good couple of years with the best of qualities you can find in the market, here are some factors to consider.

Durability and Reliability

Bimgnec_p420xg-lcd-projectorPeople trust a good brand. And there’s always added value offered by trusted brands like Samsung, Acer, HP, Canon, and Infocus. If you’re going to spend $300 for a low-end projector that will bug down soon enough, then why not spend a bit more for the function you need, and perhaps, coupled with good years guaranteed. Also, choose a projector with longer lamp hours. With longer lamp hours, you won’t have to buy a new lamp that would cost half of the price of the projector.

Cater to Your Specific Needs

Projectors come in categories. Some are entry-level types that are suitable to basic projector needs. Others come with more advanced features and higher technical specifications. How would you know which one suits you best? Consider first your specific needs and the environment where you will be using your projector. Do you need projectors with advanced connectivity or multiple ports to be hooked to your TV, computer, gaming peripherals and other electronics? Do you need a bigger projector for bigger screens and venues? Does the venue have strong natural lighting?

Answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices. If you’ll be using the projector for gaming, home theatre systems, and meeting rooms with integrated audio-visual systems, connectivity is important. For bigger screens and venues, one would need a higher-end model with high performance, specs, and heavy-duty power to provide high-quality projection. If there is strong natural lighting in a venue or room, brightness is key to providing good presentations. The higher the brightness, the less washed out your visuals will be if there’s a lot of natural lighting in a room.

It’s good to know your needs specifically and be able to find a reliable projector that will cater to those needs. Luckily, you can find good stores online that sell branded projectors at a bargain. You can still save a few bucks if you know where to buy projector.





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