Baseball may be America’s pastime, but in (mostly) commonwealth countries, they have a game that many people around the world still don’t know about and can be compared to baseball: cricket. Just like baseball, it’s also a bat-and-ball game played between two teams, with each team taking turns to bat, with each turn also called an inning.


This article is not about the rules of cricket, though; this is about the benefits of this game to your child. Here are some of the reasons why cricket is one of the ideal sports your child should get involved in:


It transcends social barriers – Cricket is one sport that truly reaches across boundaries of gender, race and class. This means that if your child gets into this sport, it will give him an opportunity to mix with other children from other communities. This can help him develop not only social skills, but an appreciation of our diversity.


It teaches good values – This sport has a culture of respect towards teammates, the umpires, and even the members of the opposing team. Cricket teaches kids the importance of discipline and respect for authority, among others.


It has excellent role models – Compared to other more popular sports where some of its most famous athletes are in the news because of bad behavior, cricket has good role models who are not only excellent players, but are also truly decent people. This is very important, more so because some children tend to imitate the people they admire.


It teaches self-reliance – Although cricket is a team sport, if it’s your child’s turn to bowl his delivery, bat, or catch, the other 10 cricketers can’t do it for him, so it’s up to your child to perform. This can also help develop his character, which is something that has to be developed right at any person’s young age.


It’s fun – Well, all sports can be fun. But since cricket is not as popular as games like basketball, baseball, or hockey, your child is also given an opportunity to explore something new. This develops curiosity in him, which can have a positive effect in again developing his character.


Get your child into cricket so he can experience the multiple benefits from the game. Get cricket gear such as bat, batting pad, gloves, groin protection cup, and cricket bags to get him started with the sport. Of course, you’ll also play a major role by giving him encouragement and motivation every time he practices or steps into the field to play.