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One of the most common forms of exercise that’s truly beneficial is running. It’s something that anyone, as long as he has two functioning legs, can do. It almost doesn’t take any skill to run since it’s a physical activity we’re naturally born to do. It’s much like walking, except that when we run, there are points when both our feet do not touch the ground.


Running can produce several benefits. If you do it regularly, it helps in building strong bones, improving cardiovascular fitness, as well as in maintaining an ideal weight. However, some people can have a love-hate relationship with this fitness activity. It feels rewarding after finishing a run, but sometimes we dread the monotony of it. Here are ways on how you can eliminate the boredom and tedium of running:


Put on some music – In the past, listening to one’s favorite music while exercising wasn’t possible. Even after the invention of the Walkman, some people didn’t have it with them because it’s still relatively bulky. However, with the advent of small and light portable music players, we now see many fitness enthusiasts doing their routines with their earphones on. Listening to your favorite songs while running not only enhances the experience, it also makes the activity easier. Just make sure you don’t turn the volume too high as you may no longer hear an approaching vehicle.


Buddy up – Solitary running can understandably be boring. The simple solution to that of course is to find someone who can be there with you so the activity can also be one that’s social in nature. Running or jogging with a partner is not only fun, it can also be safer and make you both accountable to each other. Certainly, the partner you’re going to look for is someone whose running schedule fits into yours.


Join a group – If you can’t look for a running buddy, you can look for a fitness club or a training organization and sign up with them. Doing this not only takes away the monotony, it also instills in you a real sense of commitment. Other benefits you can get from becoming part of a running group is the more experienced ones can also offer you coaching on how you can perform better and even give you tips on how to avoid injuries.


Have a change of scenery – One of the reasons why running can become tedious and dull is if you run the same course every single day, which means you also see the same scenery. To add some variety to it, don’t stick to just one route. Find other places where you can run safely and the views are nice.


Running doesn’t have to be a lackluster activity. As long as you find ways to make it more exciting and stimulating, you’ll take the monotony and boredom out of it. (When choosing running shoes, go for excellent brands like Brooks shoes.)



If you were asked what one piece of gear for your workout is the most important, how would you answer it? Perhaps some would immediately say it’s their portable music player (we see a lot of people in the gym working out with their earphones on) or even a bottle of water. Truth is, the single most important piece of equipment you need for most forms of exercise, sport, or workout is a pair of shoes.


Using the right or wrong pair of shoes can spell the difference between having a safe and successful workout or sport versus something to the contrary. Whether you’re sweating it out in the gym or playing sports like tennis or basketball or you’re simply running as a form of exercise, you need to have the right pair of shoes. Here the biggest don’ts when it comes to choosing a pair of training or sport shoes:

Don’t go for any pair – One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to grab the first pair you see in your closet or under your bed. Especially do not pull out an old pair of sneakers. It may no longer provide the support you need and worse, could be unsuitable for the kind of activity you’ll be getting into. This can lead to injuries and/or underperformance.

Don’t choose the wrong shoes – Picking up from where the first tip left off, it’s really crucial that you choose the right pair for the physical activity you’re going to get into. For example, shoes made for running are different from those made for, say, volleyball or football. Those who run don’t make lateral movements so the shoes designed for running don’t have lateral stability.

Don’t wear them all the time – Sometimes there’s one pair of shoes that you fall in love with so you continue to wear it even if you’re not exercising or playing sport. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and no one’s stopping you if you really love that pair so much. However, the more you wear it, the sooner you’ll wear it out. Just standing in them or wearing as you go around the mall can contribute its shorter life span.

Don’t keep them for too long – This is another mistake that many people commit because again, they love their pair so much. Just like with cars, it can only give optimal performance until it reaches a certain mileage. Many experts recommend that you replace it every 300 or 500 miles. Unlike cars, though, most of us may not have a mile counter. Replacing it every year is recommended.

Get the right pair of athletic shoes (try excellent pairs of Brooks shoes) for your exercise or sport so you can perform optimally and prevent injuries.